Dunbar Top: 金宝搏Knit Binding Tutorial


There are many ways to sew a 金宝搏knit binding as a neckline or armhole finish.I particularly like this method because all raw edges are enclosed.To finish,包边转到衣服的右边(从反面看不到)。and because of this it's easier to get a clean finish. You'll see what I mean!



The 金宝搏knit binding piece is drafted to be 1¼"(3.2cm)宽,领口留缝量为瘻”(1cm)。首先,将扎带固定,使扎带的右侧朝向wrong side你的领口。Since I'm not using ballpoint pins,I like to pin inside of the seam allowance and parallel to the raw edge,so I don't accidentally poke holes into my garment.

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用缝合”(1cm) seam allowance.Here I'm using a narrow zig zag stitch (length: 2.5,宽度:5)。我也喜欢用我的机器三针,it's great for knits and has a lot of give.I recommend testing out a few stitch options on a swatch and stretching the heck out of them.一个不弹出,感觉安全的是你的赢家!



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Turn under the raw edge of your binding by ⅜"(1cm)。The raw edge will line up with your stitch line.你可以用手指来做这个,或者用小火在熨斗上按压。

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再把它打开,so that your raw edge is enclosed and the binding is not visible from the wrong side.

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Dunbar顶部绑定教程9Here's what it looks like all pinned,from the wrong side.你几乎看不到衣服反面的装订。这就是最后的缝纫步骤so easybecause you can focus on getting a nice clean finish on the right side,也不用担心会在错误的一边再碰到另一个装订边。

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Sew a zig-zag stitch close to the fold from the right side of the garment.You can use a short and wide zig zag for this (I did length: 1.8,宽度:2.8),所以伸展性很好。


Here's what it looks like from the right side!我lovethis clean finish.

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这是从错误的一面。还是挺好干净的,所有的毛边都是封闭的,你几乎看不到从右边往外看的装订。I prefer to have a millimeter of the binding visible from the wrong side,而不是让身体的布料从右边露出来。

就像任何针织项目一样,preparation is key!I recommend using your fabric scraps to do lots of testing before you sew up your finished garment.测试接缝饰面,test out this binding method,figure out your zig-zag widths and lengths and note them on the pattern instructions.

What's your favourite method for applying 金宝搏knit binding?If you try this one out,让我们知道情况如何!

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  1. PsychicKathleen 2月4日,2016 at 9:13 am γ

    I love this finish – I've done something similar but what I love about yours is that you can do it the opposite way as well so that what you show as the inside is actually what's visible on the right side giving it a very neat finish.不必为有时也是你想要的装帧而大惊小怪。我会厌倦看到我衣服上有这么多的斜纹胶布——它实际上让它在右边看起来非常考究!You could use a fancy knit bias and see only a hint of it for example in the armhole or neck.Thank you for this inspiration!:)

  2. 雪莉 2月4日,2016在上午9:52 γ

    这是一个可爱的结尾,非常适合这件上衣。I still have to make mine!

  3. Ingrid 2月4日,2016 at 10:12 am γ

    Perfect timing :0) am just gonna cut one out for my sister-in-law for her birthday present.当我构建它时,一定会尝试这种技术。Thanx

  4. Linda 2月4日,2016 at 10:18 am γ

    看起来对于机织物也是一个很好的方法!领口和袖孔是我的弱点,thank you Carloine!

  5. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas 2月4日,2016 at 10:38 am γ

    Great tutorial,thanks!我会在下一个邓巴上试试这个方法。当我做邓巴上衣的时候,我把装订用毛边缝到下面。它们看起来很棒,but now that I see your step by step instructions I will definitely give this technique another go!

  6. 纳蒂莎 2月4日,2016 at 11:11 am γ

    This is awesome!谢谢!

  7. 凯尔 2月5日,2016 at 5:13 am γ

    I've used this technique,但另一方面,我把它应用到RS上,折叠到WS上,这样绑定就在WS上了,但我喜欢这样做的想法,与靴子形成对比色!Very cool!

  8. Tori Hall 2月5日,2016点在上午7点38分 γ


  9. Sewing Prino 2月5日,2016 at 11:43 am γ

    我真的很喜欢这种技巧!一定会试试的。I am never happy with my bias finish.如果使用3/8(1.5厘米)的接缝余量,我需要扩大多少?谢谢您!

  10. 绒毛膜 2月5日,2016 at 5:01 pm γ

    oops.I'm so glad you put this tute up.我再回去试试装订。

  11. Sox 2月7日,2016 at 1:19 pm γ


  12. 苏·罗伯森 March 24,2016 at 4:00 pm γ



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